For many years, Tualatin Valley Seeds has gone without any consistent branding. When they approached me, they knew they were looking for a clean and simple solution.

The Process

After some market research, it was abundantly clear that grass seed companies in general pay no attention to branding or good design. Makes sense because they are out doing what they do every day and doing it well; Tualatin Valley Seeds is no exception and had already made a name for their varieties but wanted their grass seed bags to stand out from the generic bags on the market.

I chose to use limited fonts, colors and contrast; leaving plenty of white space for maximum legibility and simplicity.

The obvious route to go was to integrate grass blades, but without taking away from the words, they were formed into the “V” in Valley. The V/grass blades also create a check-mark, which signifies quality and having passed high standards – something that the industry has affirmed about their product.

Tualatin Valley Seeds Logo Breakdown - Grass Seed Logo

The Application

The logo is very versatile in that it can easily translate into 1-color, be scaled down to .5″ and still be legible, and applied to anything. I also created a stand-alone “logo bug” with just the grass blade/check-mark, which could be used in addition to the full logo and act as a “stamp of approval” for their products.

TVS finally has a brand that reflects their high quality product and the logo continues to communicate to their market its reliability and excellence.

  • Project Type Branding & Logo Design
  • Role Art Direction & Design
  • Tags Grass Seed, Logo, Grass Blade