A start-up build-your-own personal pie company based out of Bellingham, WA was in need of branding. They were interested in a classic look and wanted their style of pies represented in the logo itself. Each individual pie has a choice of crust, filling, and hand-made whip cream — creating a delectable combination. The recipes for the pie components had been passed down from the owners’ mother and they wanted to honor her in name (Mrs. B) and present a brand that spans generations.

The Process

The client was clear that they wanted a side-view of a pie illustrated so I set out sketching; discovering a style that was simple enough to communicate the product they customize for each customer. The whip cream was the most difficult to draw and I tried to avoid making it look too ambiguous or a pile of *you know what*. I believe I was able to accomplish the perfect whip cream that looks fluffy and light.

Next, I opted for searching out for the perfect fonts that would through-back to the years of home-style baking and comfort food. I imagined the lettering being hand painted on a bakery window or sign in the 1940’s. The logo should look like it withstood some decades much like the recipes had. The serif that is used for “Mrs B’s” has a friendly vibe, with contrasting thicks and thins. “Pies” weights the bottom portion of the logo with it’s drop shadow.

The fonts combined with the pie illustration came together perfectly. The client chose the teal and the buttery yellow combination and I suggested a deep brown color to round out the palette.

The Application

Because whip cream is typically white, I created two versions of the logo — one for dark on lights and white on darks so that it is consistently white. The logo was quickly put to use on signage and aprons with a combination of embroidery and screen-printing.

Mrs. B's Pies - Pie Logo

Mrs. B's Pies Aprons & Sign - Pie Logo

  • Project Type Logo Design
  • Role Art Direction & Design
  • Tags Pie, Logo, Whip Cream, Retro, Classic