For someone that creates adorable hand-embroidered hoop picture frames and embroidered landscapes, Katiedid & Co. needed an equally adorable hand-lettered logo to brand herself with.

The Process

I sat down and sketched several options, all hand-lettered to give it a friendly, custom feel. Once the sketch was finalized, I brought it into Illustrator to vectorize and made some tweaks so that the letters had consistency and simplified the connections between them. What was presented was a whimsical, fluid script with a color palette of bright coral, buttery yellow and a cool mint green based on one of her embroidered hoops.

Katiedid & Co Sketch & Palette - Hand-lettered Logo

The Application

The logo has been put to good use since and has been applied to business cards, labels for shopping bags, and a branded sign for craft fairs. It is very effective in 1-color and will give Katiedid & Co. a reliable brand for years to come.

One of these days I may ask her to hand embroider her logo, because it would look fantastic!

Katiedid & Co. Sign - Hand-lettered Logo

  • Project Type Branding & Logo Design
  • Role Art Direction & Design
  • Tags hand drawn, hand lettered, lettering, logo, embroidery
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