Hazelnut Growers Bargaining Association partners with hazelnut growers in Oregon to get the best price for their harvest. It was important in the branding of HGBA to appeal to the growers and present the association as an invaluable and trusted resource.

The Process

After the initial meeting, I took my notes and did some research on the hazelnut industry in Oregon and started in on a mood board – gathering images for inspiration, agriculture logo examples, and logo samples to direct the final logo.

The mood board was sent with a color palette and three logo styles – modern, classic farm and crest. Each was a viable option for the client and would have given them a professional and trusted feel. The client preferred the classic farm and crest styles, so I started in on the sketches.

Hazelnut Growers Bargaining Association Color Palette - Hazelnut Logo

From the sketches, the final logo was starting to take shape. I hand drew a hazelnut and leaf and kept in mind single-color and full-color variations. The final logo was presented with a slab-serif font and the warm hues of the hazelnut and its foliage.

The Application

HGBA was eager to use their new brand for an upcoming trade show and had hats, shirts and a banner made with the final files that were delivered.

  • Project Type Branding & Logo Design
  • Role Art Direction & Design
  • Tags Hazelnut, Logo, Branding, Classic, Farm